Mars in Aries enters shadow (2020)

Mars in Aries enters shadow ☄️ why is shadow period so relevant yet no many people talk about it? A planet is considered to enter a shadow face when the planet enters the same number of degrees in which the retrograde phase will end. In this case, Mars will enter shadow at 15° (tomorrow) and by the time the retrograde phase is over (starting in September until November) he then will be stationing at 15° to move forward thereafter

A shadow period is a moment of preparation, where most of the challenges AND solutions to the problems that may arise can already be found even before the Retrograde starts if we pay enough attention. With a planet like Mars, it's important to note that the effects will feel incredibly PERSONAL and POWERFUL. Mars rules physicality, rage, willpower but also DETERMINATION

This year Mars will spend 6 months in his domicile (home) sign of Aries which is incredibly unusual and significant. This is the year in which we will have to practice total surrender and integrate our Ego by having acceptance for the things we can't change removing our need of control while also honouring our individual learning and healing process. The ultimate lesson behind this transit is the libration of the soul

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