Codex Coeli: A Digital Book of Spreads

Codex Coeli: A Digital Book of Spreads

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Introducing Astrosoul’s ultimate guide to astrological spreads. This PDF guidebook includes 32 different spreads to apply to everyday life with any deck of your choice.

This guide is divided into 4 chapters:

  • The twelve astrological houses
  • Planetary charity
  • Collective consciousness
  • Phases of the moon


✴ The twelve houses will explore the energy of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the lessons they can offer you.

✴ In the planetary charity chapter, there is a spread for every day of the week that will help you connect with the 7 traditional planets,

✴ In the collective consciousness section, you will explore the influence of the Transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). This chapter includes three spreads to channel the energy of the collective consciousness.

 The final section will guide you through the different phases of the moon, including two extra spreads. In this chapter, you’ll find different spreads to connect with the energy of the divine feminine energy which is linked with creation and manifestation.