We may never understand the purpose of life, yet we can find tools that help us to connect with the different layers of our human existence.

Hola – my name is Maria, I'm a Creator and Designer, as well as Tarot and Astrology enthusiast, student and practitioner from Spain based in sunny London.  

A few years ago when the Eclipses were falling in my Sun, MC and IC respectively something drastically changed inside me and in the way I was seeing life. I then knew my purpose was to help others find ways to have a meaningful existence here on Earth by creating tools that connect us with our purpose.

Astrology is the language written in the stars used since ancient times to help humanity connect with the essence of our soul and fate. Before modern Astronomy took place, Astrology, Alchemy and Mathematics were all enclosed under the subject of Philosophy which was then used to define the different areas of our life. Being someone who is 50% rational and 50% emotional Astrology allowed me to incorporate my spiritual practice inside a system substantial enough widely studied over centuries and with sufficient historical background to support my belief system, while also helping me to connect with others and everything around me. There is no coincidences in this Universe, everything serves a purpose.